Realm Magazine The Deranged Issue

Very excited that one of he photos from mine and Taylors vampire photo shoot got on the cover of Realm Magazine October 2016! This was our first photoshoot we ever did together that bloomed an amazing friendship! Thank you Taylor for being an awesome friend and awesome model! And thank you Kaitlyn Hayworth for doing an amazing job on the makeup! Check out Realm Magazine on Facebook! to see our work! 

 Realm Magazine "The Deranged Issue" October 2016

Realm Magazine "The Deranged Issue" October 2016

This October!

I have been working with a very talented model  on a series she is doing for one of my favorite holidays! Halloween! This is going to be amazing! We have done 2 sets for the series together and I can not wait to see what else she does! This has been a lot of hard work and dedication for her and all of the photographers involved! I cant wait to show the work that we have done! 

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So Much Is Coming!

So much is coming for ND Images! I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped support my work, and everyone who has come out to do photo shoots! I am talking to so many different people about different ideas, I could not be more excited! Everyone has been very professional and just absolutely amazing these past few months! I would love to hear feedback  on the work that I have up! There is going to be a lot coming this October! So please follow along with what I am working on! There is a lot to see and I am going to start trying to blog more!